Ion exchangers

Ion exchange units in stainless steel can be used in water processing, as well as in decalcification, desalination, water softening and decarbonising. Filling the containers with resin mixtures and draining them is a very easy procedure.

You need a very specific Ion exchange unit? Choose from volumes ranging from 10.4 l to 115 l with round or oval covers, polyurethane coated or with polypropylene top and bottom rings, as well as an extensive branding potential.
All units are stackable, have a safety bursting point and ergonomic handling grips.

Ion exchangers product information (PDF)

Application fields for ion exchangers:

  • Beverage and food industry
  • Restaurants and catering
  • Laboratory engineering
  • Health service
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dish washers
  • Climate control technology
  • Filling heating systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Surface engineering