Aseptic Containers SLC

    Aseptic Food Container
    Aseptic Container in stainless steel

    Containers for aseptic filling, transport and storage

    The aseptic reusable containers in stainless steel enable sensitive substances to be transported and stored aseptically.
    They fulfil the highest packaging and hygiene standards, especially for foods and pharmaceuticals. Whether for fruit preparations and concentrates, beverage bases, flavourings, liquid egg products, sauces or cosmetics, the SLC provides optimum protection for all sensitive substances.

    Aseptic tanks to steam sterilization

    Their high level of pressure resistance enables SLC aseptic container to be steam sterilized and kept 100% germ-free. Raw materials such as fruit purée or liquid eggs can easily be filled, transported and stored aseptically.

    The use of high-grade stainless steel makes these containers especially durable and corrosion-resistant.

    Food container with profile frame
    Food container with profile frame


    We manufacture aseptic containers in standard sizes of 500, 800 and 1000 litres. However, on request, we can also produce special customized sizes and can provide professional advice for your individual container solutions.

    Bayonet ring cover
    Bolted ring cover

    SLC Container cover variations

    Depending on requirements, the SLC food container can be fitted with two different cover systems.

    • Bayonet ring cover
    • Bolted ring cover

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