Heatable containers – energy-efficient insulation

Our heatable container solutions in stainless steel provide optimum protection for your products. Thanks to stainless steel of the highest quality and a design tailor made to fit your needs, heatable containers from SCHÄFER Container Systems meet all the requirements of your entire process chain.

Application fields for heatable containers:

Heatable Container
Temperature regulation by touch panel
Temperature regulation by touch panel

Heatable containers with intelligent temperature regulation

Thanks to the latest temperature monitoring system and integrated touch panel, you can ensure your media are kept constantly at the desired temperature.

You can control and monitor your settings using the code-protected, easy-access touch panel. Your data can be stored for over one year and read out via a USB interface at any time.
The heatable container’s triple temperature monitor (for product, heater and limits) and the double thermal fuse guarantee the highest standards of safety and optimum protection for your media.

Outstanding durability

To make sure your investment in heatable containers pays off, we make use of high-grade stainless steel and ensure an energy-efficient design. The strong weld seams on the outer casing permanently prevent moisture penetrating the Perlite insulation.

Optional features

  • Stirring devices
  • Liquid level measurement
  • Customized connectors in the top section
  • ATEX version for heating devices
  • Internal anti-corrosion coatings
  • UN 31A approval for transporting dangerous goods