Since 1st. January 2005 the EU directive 178/2002 on the traceability of foodstuffs has been in force. Beverage producers, fillers, bottlers and wholesalers etc. must be able to establish where they received goods from and where they sold them to.

    All SCHÄFER KEGs can be fitted with a permanently integrated coding system, such as character code, barcode, transponder or datixPLUS, according to our customers’ requirements. This brings more transparency to logistics and makes comprehensive container management possible.
    Product and customer allocation, checks on circulation times and optimisation of cycle frequency are only a few of the aspects contributing to an ideal logistics solution.

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    Systematic KEG management

    To be able to provide the drinks industry with a complete KEG logistics and KEG management system, competent companies from this sector, AEG Identifikationssysteme, KHS and SCHÄFER WERKE, joined together to form a COLO (container logistics) working group in 1996.
    The objective of COLO is to be able to offer customers an unbroken logistics system with a considerable cost-cutting potential both in filling and retail operations. Such operations mainly include:

    • plant-internal logistics with stock level control
    • stock management 
    • container tracking in the market place

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