Keg for softdrinks
    Keg for softdrinks

    KEG for all soft drinks

    Large international bottlers, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sinalco use this KEG from SCHÄFER Container Systems for their soft drinks. With its polyurethane (PP) jacket and stainless steel liner, the KEG provides optimal protection for all types of soft drinks.

    Soft drinks brands can be presented individually in 10.4 to 41 litre KEGs, thanks to a wide range of colour and logo design possibilities.

    SOFT DRINK KEG at a glance

    • Fully and partly coated KEGs
    • Volumes: 10.4 - 41 litres
    • Transport/storage for premix drinks
    • KEG colour selected individually (UV stabilised)
    • Easy to handle, robust, CFC free
    • 7 bar operating pressure
    • Recyclable
    • Coding: datixPLUS, transponder, barcode
    • Neck/fitting: SDK or left-hand thread
    soft drink brands
    soft drink brands
    customized branding
    customized branding
    partly coated kegs
    partly coated kegs

    KEG branding:

    • In-mould coating (advertising space and neck area) 
    • In-mould labelling (advertising space and neck area)
    • Embossing (neck area)
    • Colouring KEG rings (advertising space)

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