Polyurethane coated KEGs
    PLUS KEG products

    Fully and partly PU coated KEGs

    Polyurethane coated KEGs entail many benefits for beer and wine - as classical PLUS KEGs or slimline junior PLUS KEGs:

    The high-quality PU coating makes the KEG extremely robust and protects the valuable contents from external influences.
    All current types of necks and fittings, including the optional Bavarian bung, guarantee the perfect dispensing experience.

    Besides, the PLUS KEG enables you to present your brand in a variety of different ways, whether completely coated in your company colours, with a coloured printed logo or coloured rings:
    With PLUS KEG, you strengthen your brand and ensure the quality of your beverage.

    KEG cross section
    KEG cross section

    PLUS KEG at a glance:

    • Volumes: 10.4 - 50 litres
    • Countless branding possibilities 
    • Perfect dispensing technology
    • Solid hand-holds for easy handling
    • PU coating all-round
    • Rolling rims to make rolling easy
    • Stable stacking rim
    • Numbering, coding, transponder, barcode
    • Quality product "Made in Germany"

    KEG branding:

    • In-mould coating (advertising space and neck area) 
    • In-mould labelling (advertising space and neck area)
    • Embossing (neck area)
    • Colouring KEG rings (advertising space)
    junior PLUS KEGs
    junior PLUS KEGs
    coloured PLUS KEGs
    coloured PLUS KEGs
    partly coated KEGs
    partly coated KEGs

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