ECO KEG for beer, wine, softdrinks
    ECO KEG for beer, wine, softdrinks

    Lightweight KEG with top and bottom rings

    The ECO KEG consists of a stainless steel KEG liner with top and bottom rings made of polypropylene (PP). These are connected to the liner by a safety clip-on technique and are therefore replaceable.

    The coloured PP rings, its light weight and the shock-absorber effect make the ECO KEG the ideal container for beer, wine and soft drinks.

    keg cross section
    Cross section ECO KEG

    ECO KEG at a glance:

    • Volume: 5 - 58.67 litres
    • 3 bar (beer, wine), 7 bar (soft drinks) operating pressure
    • Stainless steel liner (1.4301 or 1.4571)
    • Top and bottom rings, coloured (exchangeable)
    • Stable stacking rim
    • Safety clip-on technique 
    • Shock-absorber effect due to PP rings
    • Up to 36% weight reduction (in comp. with 100% steel KEG)
    • Recyclable
    • Numbering, coding, transponder, barcode
    • All neck and fitting types
    • Ergonomic hand-holds
    • Modern design

    KEG branding-possibilities:

    • Electro-chemical signature on KEG liner
    • Stickers on KEG liner
    • Coloured rings on KEG liner
    • Embossing on top ring
    • Laser inscription on neck and base
    ECO Junior KEGs (slimline)
    ECO Junior KEGs (slimline)
    Coloured top rings
    Coloured top rings
    hand-holds/stacking rims
    hand-holds/stacking rims

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