The right KEG, whatever you need!

Our range of reusable KEGs leaves nothing to be desired.
The following contains an overview of all our KEG types:

PLUS KEG: premium KEG for strong brands

  • the premium model among the
  • practical polyurethane jacket 
  • from 15 to 50 litres

Junior PLUS KEG: the perennial

  • all PLUS KEG benefits in a compact form
  • available with full or partial coating 
  • 10.4, 15.5 or 20.5 litres

ECO KEG: design KEG for strong brands

  • extremely economical
  • exchangeable top and bottom rings
  • optimum convenience in operation and handling

Stainless steel KEG: classic KEG for strong brands

  • robust reusable container
  • 100% stainless steel
  • available in almost all sizes

Party-KEG: self-service KEG

  • Isolating PU-coating
  • Various designs: coloured or with natural wood look
  • 10, 15, 20, 30 litres

smartDRAFT: self-sufficient dispensing system

  • convincing dispensing quality
  • pre-set pressure and temperature
  • one-way beer line means optimal

freshKEG: real draught beer

  • KEG with integrated dispensing gas supply
  • ideal for parties, discos, catering
  • available as 5 or 10 litre version

SOFT DRINK KEG: drink soft

  • ground breaking benefits
  • for transporting or storing soft drinks
  • available with full or partial PU coating

Brew container in stainless steel

Stainless steel container for breweries:

Please find Food Container for fermenting and storage, perhaps for breweries, at stainless steel IBC or right here:


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