Our service for your KEG

    Profit from our extensive know-how and prolong the service life of your keg stocks. The benefit for you: we insist on quality and that’s why we only use original parts.

    To ensure your KEGs remain fully functional over many years in their hard working environments, or to react to sales market changes, SCHÄFER Container Systems offers customers a comprehensive KEG service. And it doesn’t matter which manufacturer you bought your KEGs from: we repair all KEG types.

    Our services

    • Partial damage to the PU jacket can be repaired on junior PLUS KEG, PLUS KEG and SOFT DRINK KEG
    • Repair of partly coated KEGs
    • Replacement of polypropylene top and bottom rings
    • Dent and welding repairs to top and bottom rings on stainless steel KEGs
    • Re-working defective weld seams (except on PU coated KEGs)
    • Volume alterations, e.g. from 50 l to 30 l (except on PU coated KEGs)
    • Neck repairs
    • Fitting inspections
    • Fitting changes
    • Polishing KEGs
    • Retrofitting transponders of all types
    • Neutralising logos
    • Application of new logos
    • Calibration

    Questions? Suggestions? Problems?

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