Safety first

Biological safety and hygiene

  • Smooth-walled stainless steel liner guarantees optimal internal cleaning and biological safety 
  • The smooth exterior surfaces, rounded corners and edges and the integrated drain holes enable easy and effective external cleaning


Safety check in the filling plant with SCHÄFER control KEGs

  • Our control KEGs serve to check the filling and cleaning processes, as well as the pressure.
  • Control KEGs are available for all SCHÄFER KEG types


Cleaning dispensing system with SCHÄFER cleaning KEGs. Fast. Simple. Safe.

  • On-site cleaning of entire system from dispenser head to tap 
  • Simultaneous cleaning of up to five different beverage pipes with KEG connection


Tampering prevention

  • Permanent lettering applied in the inmould coating or inmould labelling processes, datixPLUS character coding or transponders provide ideal protection against unauthorised or improper use
  • Safety fittings prevent unauthorised opening, increase the level of safety and reliably rule out tampering.


Safety burst point means operational safety

  • All our containers are fitted with a safety burst point, (compulsory since 1998).
  • Controlled and safe release of excessive pressure reliably prevents containers bursting. That means no danger to people and no risk of damage.


Occupational safety

  • Special design of rims at top and bottom to function as stacking chimbs guarantee safe stacking for all KEGs
  • Ergonomic handholds ensure safe handling
  • Polyurethane coated containers from SCHÄFER also provide excellent noise reduction