Ecology and Safety


    Our environment is close to our heart!

    This is not just an empty phrase, but a key part of our identity as a modern, responsible, environmentally conscious family enterprise.


    Increasing the efficiency of the lighting in our production and storage facilities brought SCHÄFER Werke a climate protection certificate from the "Rheinland Westfalen Netz" in 2010. We also carry out the controlled recirculation of rainwater on our large green areas to compensate for soil sealing. Emission control, too, is not something we take lightly. Any emissions we release to atmosphere are cleaned in state-of-the-art filter systems and purity tests are also carried out regularly. For 2011 we have also scheduled the extensive refurbishment of all wastewater pipelines.

    Environmental responsibility is rooted in our company philosophy

    The above examples are only a small selection of our environmental endeavours.

    Development, manufacture and disposal of our products is carried out as environmentally friendly as possible. To ensure this is not an empty promise, we have made active environmental protection an essential part of our corporate philosophy. Respect for the environment and its resource simply goes without saying. The significance of sustainability increases enormously with the knowledge that our resources are finite. For this reason, we aim to go beyond the legal requirements and develop an approach that is sustainable both environmentally and socially. 

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